Tie Dye Craze, Part 2

Hello, Readers!

With it finally officially being Spring as of March 20th, it’s time for me to show you more of my wardrobe for these warmer months ahead! One of the patterns I’ve definitely been loving and adding more of to my closet lately is tie dye. Today’s outfit is another tie dye number!

This dress may look familiar to y’all, as I previously featured it on the blog and styled it as a skirt (read that post here). But, I mean, could you blame me?! It’s bright, colorful, and brings out the sassy side of me!

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Aztec Vibes

Hello, readers! My apologies for the lack of posts lately- juggling another pregnancy and a toddler on top of everything else sure has taken up most of this mommy’s schedule! But, without further adieu, I present to you an outfit that I did a photo shoot for this past fall, as a part of my Fall Fashion series: the Aztec dress!

While fall isn’t always the most ideal time to wear a dress (at least not in the later fall months when temperatures drop and snow starts to fall), this dress would be a good candidate for the earlier part of my favorite time of year! It’s made of a fabric pretty similar to suede, so it does its job of keeping me warm. As the weather gets colder, throwing on some tights or leggings under it could also be an option for added warmth. Not to mention, look at that adorable pattern on it that reminds me of an Aztec print!

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Red Floral Romper

Hello readers! Thank you for joining me again at Lilacs & Lace after almost two years! It’s been a crazy busy two years, with me having my baby, changing jobs, and going through lifes ups and downs, but I’m back again! With that being said, I’m going to highlight one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe: this gorgeous red romper!


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Seeing Sunflowers

Fall, like every other season, signals change and transition. As summer turns to fall, we see the transition from the season of warmer weather and days spent at the beach, to the season coined “sweater weather”, with Mother Nature herself showing off her beauty by the changing leaves. 


Aside from the changing colors of the leaves, one thing that fall certainly brings, are sunflowers. In peak season during the fall months, these flowers are the perfect fall staple. What is a better way to welcome the arrival of my favorite season than to be surrounded by sunflowers?! 

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Striped Wrap Dress

Hello again, readers! I again apologize for the lack of posts- it has been one hectic summer for me! Not only am I busy with job and house searching to help prepare for my son to arrive (my due date is November 4th), but I also have been trying to remain social and get things done before classes start again. Though many things have happened this summer and a lot of things have changed already in the short 8 months of this year, one thing for sure hasn’t: my love for dresses.


I wasn’t always a big fan of dresses (trust me when I tell you that I barely owned any aside for special occasions), but after my senior year of high school and even more recently, I have developed an extreme fondness for dresses. Dresses are so feminine in nature, and are all so different, perfect for uniquely expressing yourself.  Continue reading

A 4th of July Inspired Outfit

If any of you readers have been following me on social media (links below the post if you haven’t!), it would come to no surprise to you that I have had a rather busy past few months. For those of you who don’t know why it has been so busy, or don’t follow me on social media it is because of one reason: I’m pregnant! At 5 months along, you could say that life has been a huge change in direction for me lately, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop bringing you all blog posts! Today’s post happens to be 4th of July themed! 


The 4th of July has always been a holiday where myself and fellow Americans take the time to celebrate our freedom and independence with barbecues, beaching, boating, fireworks, and even an alcoholic beverage or two (or more). Forgoing the alcohol this year, I decided to celebrate in my own way with this adorable red, white, and blue outfit! 

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