Pastels, Bolds, Spice, and Everything Nice!

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience while I figured things out with “Lilacs&Lace”! There were a lot of difficulties with my last url, so ultimately, I decided to change it up and switch my blog site to WordPress! I have to say, I like it a lot better!

Speaking of liking it a lot better, how awesome was the weather last week?! It was perfect, sunny, and (almost) the temperature that I love! Anyway, moving on, I’ve been on the hunt for pastels ever since the beginning of winter, and I finally found the perfect jeans!

I love the color, it’s very minty and springy! I loved the comfort of this cardigan, it’s very versatile. For this outfit, I decided to pair it with some bold, bright colors to make it really pop. So, I chose a dark blue tank top, an orange scarf, red handbag, and adorable orange, sparkly heels! I mean seriously, how cute are these shoes?!  For part of the shoot, my friend and I snuck some pictures at May’s Floral! The flowers were gorgeous, and a great sign of spring. It was the perfect way to give a warm “hello”, and a “sayonara” to winter!



Jeans: Maurice’s (unavailable, similar fit/style here) // Scarf: Maurice’s (available in blue as well!) // Cardigan: Maurice’s // Tank Top: Victoria’s Secret PINK (unavailable, similar here) // Bag: Icing  // shoes: DEB (unavailable, same style here) // sunglasses: Victoria’s Secret PINK (unavailable, bought them here) // Ring: unknown (cute option here)

Thanks for reading!!



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