Wednesday Wants: Featuring Pacsun

There’s not enough words to describe how much I love this store, seriously. Pacsun has been one of the stores that I had just a few years ago actually stepped foot into, and I’m so glad that I did!


Being a girl who loves tropical weather, and who wants to actually someday hopefully move more westward (either to Navada or California), this store was perfect for me.

It features brands such as House of Harlem and LA Hearts (one of my favorites), which specialize in clothes and accessories that are based on current west coast trends. If you’re a west coast lover like I am, and you love to have some bohemian elements to your outfits, Pacsun is a must!

0829103680037NEW_02_275 0829103680180NEW_02_275     0840485080026NEW_02_065 0731462870106NEW_02_001 0731488010003NEW_02_089 0731498290005NEW_02_089 0810451180031NEW_02_710 0810451180142NEW_02_067 0840003220001NEW_02_089 0840493560020NEW_02_001 0870461580059NEW_02_060 0870461580069NEW_02_091 0870462870053NEW_02_710

Thanks for reading!!


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