Wednesday Wants: Featuring Oasis

This post is a whopper, but I can’t help myself! Oasis has so many cute pieces that I can’t help but save them and feature them on the blog. Oasis is another international online store that I’ve recently discovered. Their prices aren’t as expensive as some of my other featured stores and brands, so with me being a college student, Oasis is one of my favorite online stores to frequent.


For me, aside from the price, Oasis is perfect for really any occasion. It features pieces from fun little jumpsuits, to blue jeans, to formal party dresses. This year, I’ve been especially keeping my eye open for pastels and florals, because both of those really remind me of spring, which is my favorite season.

I just love the bright, eye-catching aspects of both pastels and florals, and they seem to always put me in a better mood. I myself might even have to go do a little shopping to add some of these pretty pieces to my ever-changing closet. Don’t worry- Oasis has many more cute pieces as well! Check them out by visiting Oasis’ website now!

05419429_1 05419500_1 05421024_1 05423829_1 05430800_1 05431200_1 05446900_1 05473458_1 05473768_1 05475005_1 05476638_1 05477100_1 05480923_1 05481201_1 05482200_1 05491104_1 05512203_1 3190419200_1 3190433931_1 3230027923_1 3250204123_1 3430079401_1 4980010600_1 5490007303_1 5550093746_1 5550094200_1 5550094600_1 5640000600_1 6710006801_1

Thanks for reading!!


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