Wednesday Wants: Featuring Lilly Pulitzer

PASTELS. TROPICALS. Those two words immediately come to mind whenever I think of Lilly Pulitzer, and I think “I must have these!” Being from the Midwest (and never having left it all my life thus far), I yearn to explore the world. Tropical paradises are the first places I have in mind when someone were to ask me if I could go on vacation, where would I go. In fact, I would jump at the opportunity to go to Bora Bora, so much so that it’s on my bucket list.


But, moving on. Summertime is very hot, so the patterns that really fit this weather trend we seem to be having. Plus, pastels are also a summertime, and really anytime, must for every girl’s closet! Lilly Pulitzer combines floral and tropical patterns with the newest trends of styles to bring to its customers a feminine and just plain eye-catching element of fashion that could really capture anyone’s attention!

Not only does Lilly Pulitzer offer clothes to the consumers, they also offer other goods, such as shoes, tumblers, planners, umbrellas, scarves, phone cases, and many more! Clearly, as you can see below, I featured MANY different types of products and clothes that Lilly Pulitzer has that I just couldn’t resist sharing, but there’s many more where that came from! Head on over to Lilly Pulitzer’s website to see more!

10130_brightnavyupscaleaccessories 10130_shorelyblueupscaleaccessories 11215_hubbabubbameetmeatthebeachaccessories 11257_goldmetallic 11991_seabluelillyslagoonaccessoriessmall 11995_indigopackyourtrunkaccessories 12195_truenavyprivateislandstripe 12337_multitoucanplay 13194_resortwhitewindowpaneeyelet 13494_coconutsunburstlace 17003_tropicalpink 19893_truenavybubbleclipdotjacquard 19898_baybluemermaidforyouengineered 32376_turquoiseletschacha 46281_multitoucanplayscarf 46281_shorelybluebigflirtscarf 50170_multigeorgia 50170_perribluevirginia 70082_multipalmreader 74551_indigopalmreader 76109_multiconchrepublicscarf 76109_shorelybluefeelingtankedscarf 76599_multipalmreader 86308_seablueitsastretchscarf 91062_goldmetallic 96179_goldmetallic 96556_resortwhitepincherspicnicscarf 96577_goldmetallic 96617_goldmetallic 96619_goldmetallic 96627_goldmetallic 96637_multishellmeaboutitaccessoriessmall 96639_natural 97181_multitoucanplay 97627_seabluecoralcoveengineeredduskdress 97744_truenavyanchorlace 97827_skyeblue 97927_poppinkknitcrochet 97946_seabluesummerhazeengineeredfairfield 98096_goldmetallic 99852_shorelybluebeachykeen 500652_spabluespabluejelliesbejamminaccessories 500663_turquoisescubatocubawhite 550058_spabluelobstahrollmedium

Thanks for reading!!


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