Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks + A New Blog Series!

It’s sale season! Being a fashion/style blogger, you have to be up-to-date on sales. One of the biggest sales going on right now is Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!


Since it is a huge sale, with both the in-store and online portions of Nordstrom featuring amazing deals on the products, I decided that this sale was definitely one that needed to be featured on Lilacs&Lace!

Aside from clothes, Nordstrom also has other items on sale, such as makeup, shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, and many other things! Although I am only sharing a small amount of sale items, there are many more available (3752 for women alone, as I’ve learned from their website). So, hurry on in or online to check out more of this sale before your opportunity is gone!

_10494776 _10500460 _10507654 _10510018 _10511784 _10511906 _10521984 _10543732 _10553854 _10556729 _10558823 _10565881 _10566189 _10569440 _10572915 _10574305 _10576331 _10577732 _10578288 _10580596 _10588707 _10588906 _10596269 _10623525 _10624279 _10642922 _10647687 _10670632 _10670663 _10686377 _10704813 _10745899 _10748950 _10751343 _10756746 _10758821 _10788803 _10799818 _10800030 _10821026 _10838716 _10841552 _10857249 _10868096 _10870667

Also, speaking of sales, there is going to be a new blog series here on Lilacs&Lace: Sunday Sales! I will be posting every Sunday (if I can) about upcoming or ongoing sales going on in both online and in-store retailers! Be sure to follow Lilacs&Lace so you can stay up-to-date on sales and hopefully score some cheap goodies! Sunday Sales launches next Sunday, July 26th, 2015!


Thanks for reading!!


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