Wednesday Wants: Featuring Milly by Michelle Smith

MILLY by Michelle Smith has been a relatively recent discovery for me, and it is yet another clothing brand where I just look at the pieces and say, “I wish I could afford this”.


But, a girl can look, right? Anyway, I love MILLY because I am most definitely a girly girl (as if you couldn’t tell), and there’s nothing more girly than this brand right here!

As it says on their website,Β Michelle merged sportswear with Parisian atelier techniques to form the most elegant clothes out there! Once you check out MILLY by Michelle Smith, you’ll be like me, and imagine yourself being the inner princess you are!

71ef6851_vermillion_1_1 71lz60174_black_1_1 72ip83111_blue_1_1 76ls60189_black_1_front_015_1 116BJ012904_MULTI_1_FRONT_4 116bp09214_multi_1_front 116TS0905_MULTI_1_FRONT_2 117tj012923_multi_1_front_1 118LJ012628_MULTI_1_FRONT_2 168PF012767_WHITE_1_6 169bh_and_expression_3 169fs012893_multi_1_front_2_1 171DS040131_BLACK_1_FRONT_X_18 171ON012935_MULTI_1_FRONT_2 171SC040130_MINT_1_FRONT_11 172AK061721_BLACK_1_FRONT 172CF011954_NAVY_1_FRONT_11 172CJ012734_MULTI_1_FRONT_13 172cp040138_black_1_front_1 172MP012998_MULTI_1_FRONT_12 173cp012767_navy_1_front 173fg012784_navy_1_front_x 173mk061724_black_1_front_1 173mk061725_whitecobalt_1_front_1 173sc03843_red_1_front_x_2 173tl02717_white_1_front_2 173tl03879_white_1_front_2 173tl012646_white_romper_1_front_1 174cf02574_multi_1_front 174cm012956_black_white_1_front 174dt03883_black_1_front_2 174gn013013_multi_1_front 175cf013077_black_1_front 175cs02574_multi_1_front 175gp013067_neonyellow_1_front 175it013026s_cobalt_1_front_retouch 175mf012899_multi_1_front_1 175zn012673_multi_1_front 776wm61205_blackblue_1_front_010_1 999IC03844_BLACK_1_FRONT_12 999SC040024_COBALT_1_FRONT_6

Thanks for reading!!


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