Wednesday Wants: Featuring Yumi Kim

Yumi Kim is really the store that for me, I would loveeee to splurge on the whole stock- one of each! Seriously, Yumi Kim offers so many cute pieces, you’ll be in awe.


Taking some information from her website, Kim Phan took some inspiration from vintage silhouettes, mixing them with modern, contemporary urban mystique, and she did just that.

Her pieces, featuring things from rompers, to dresses, to jumpsuits, accentuate the beautiful female physique with a modern feminine twist. Many of her pieces come in a vast variety of floral patterns, which is another plus- florals are perfect for any season really! Either way, you’ll find pieces for any and every occasion! Head over to Yumi Kim’s website to check out more of their pieces! Trust me, if you’re like me, you’ll want it all!

img_1311   img_1392 img_4223 img_7330 img_8321 img_9569 kim_342015-1110 kims_session-3544 unnamed_1_2_1 unnamed_2__3_1 unnamed_3__5_6 unnamed_21__3 untitled-0126 untitled-0227 untitled-0813 untitled-9550 untitled-9598 yumi_kim_darling_depth_romper_black_classic_lace yumi_kim_sienna_romper_wildflower_burst_1

Thanks for reading!!


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