Role Reversal: Behind-the-Camera w/ Mackenzie

Hello Lilacs&Lace readers! I hope all of your Mondays are going wonderfully! Today, I’m doing a very special post- I’m switching roles with my photographer, Mackenzie, and featuring her! Being the photographer, Mackenzie barely gets any attention whatsoever, and I thought that it would be fun to get behind the camera for once. I have to admit, it was fun! Catch my interview and photoshoot with her below!


Basic Info

Name: Mackenzie Rae Walters

DOB: 11/27/1995

Hometown: Eau Claire, WI (resident for 7 years)

College and Major/Minor(s): UWEC, major in Public History, minor in Anthropology

Hobbies: photography for the blog, hanging out with family/friends, rugby, reading, writing, tumblr


1. What are your responsibilities for “Lilacs&Lace”? Aside from taking the pictures, I’m the person who edits the pictures. I also help Cassy plan her outfits… To an extent…”

2. What’s the hardest thing about working with Cassy (me)? “I don’t think there really is a hardest part, honestly. If I had to pick one, it would have to be getting everything set up because Cassy wants things a certain way and wants them done in the morning, right away.” 

3. What’s the easiest thing about working with Cassy (me)? “I think we have a connection in terms of photo shoots for the blog. It helps us get through things easier and we laugh a lot; We have a lot of fun during them.”

4. Do you use any software or tools when you edit the pictures for the blog? “Just basic stuff, such as Adobe and Gimp Photo Editor. I’m not big into Photoshop; I only make minor edits.” 

5. What’s the most fun location you’ve been to for a photo shoot?  “It’s a tie between Irvine Park and Putnam Trail. I also loved being at Big Falls. We definitely have gotten ourselves in some pretty crazy adventures.” 

6. Do you follow other fashion blogs to choose poses for future fashion shoots and to further study photography? “No. I mean, I do look at the poses from other blogs that Cassy shows me, aesthetic wise. I know what looks good most of the time. We try to stay natural with poses for the most part.” 

7. What is your favorite outfit you’ve done a shoot for and why? “I’d have to say the outfit from the post ‘Maxi Madness: the Neon Maxi’, featuring a neon green and ivory dress. It was shot near our former middle school in a field near a pond. Cassy looked very nice and classical.”

8. Do you have any closing statements? “I never expected to be doing this [being a photographer for Lilacs&Lace], but it’s fun. I’ve always liked photography for recreational purposes, so much so that I am considering someday working at National Geographic; their big thing is photography. Can I do a teaser? We just shot a type of outfit we’ve never done before, and we’re excited for you all to see it! Keep your eyes open for more exciting things to come from ‘Lilacs&Lace’!” 


Just a little sneak peek of how Mackenzie goes about editing the wonderful pictures featured on
Just a little sneak peek of how Mackenzie goes about editing the wonderful pictures featured on “Lilacs&Lace”!

IMG_0568 IMG_0569  IMG_0571 IMG_0576

Thanks for reading!!


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