Wednesday Wants: Featuring Lulu’s

For this week’s “Wednesday Wants”, I chose an online shopping boutique that I have fallen in love with, and have even signed up for a giveaway through them (wish me luck)! Lulu’s is the place you should go if you are looking for pieces that are from new designers, or even cheaper prices on already well-known ones.


Plus, they have amazing sales- they have a sale that’s up to 80% off right now! They feature a wide range of products- from dresses and rompers, to handbags, beauty products, and shoes!

As you can see, their products are so cute, I couldn’t pick just a few to share with you guys! Let’s just say that I have found my new favorite online shopping place!

1273570_197274 1275978_197362 1293650_200018 1375050_216074 1382354_216594 1402154_221658 1418770_224170 1427490_226930 1438890_227530 1457290_231042 1471714_234042 1481506_235346 1498698_238298 1507810_239914 1508946_240690 1512810_241106 1516562_241426 1517690_242202 1518010_241538 1518250_241530 1520706_243162 1521826_242378 1522978_242314 1525498_243746 1526134_244226 1526302_244278 1526578_243122 1527842_244522 1528234_244538 1529618_243682 1530042_243754 1531314_244058 1532746_245186 1532954_244714 1533010_243986

Thanks for reading!!


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