Wednesday Wants: Featuring Forever New

Forever New is an international online store, and it is one of many that I have found through my following of other fashion blogs. To keep things short and sweet, I chose Forever New for this week’s “Wednesday Wants” because it is an attempt of mine to hold on to the last bit of summer. Forever New is a prime example of chic, elegant, and feminine clothing- my three favorite elements to any outfit!


Unfortunately, Forever New is one of the “to splurge or not to splurge” sites that I tend to frequent.

But, I’m featuring them at a good time- they are currently having a sale! Hurry on over to Forever New’s website to check out more of their pieces!

I have been looking all over for military jackets, given the fact that they seem to be this season’s newest trends!



23034902 23073002_o1 23077302 23094501 23095301 23099403 23134901 23166701 23259101 23260301 23359401 23449501

Thanks for reading!!


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