Wednesday Wants: Featuring KTR Collection

KTR Collection is a gorgeous, feminine collection of clothes made by fellow fashion blogger at KTR Style, K.T. Reed. It features unique, sometimes made-to-order dresses, skirts, and swimsuits.


What I love about KTR Collections is the humble beginning- a fashion blogger, one that I revere and follow often, decided that she would bring her love of fashion to the next level, make her own clothes, and open up a boutique.

She truly is inspiring. Hurry ladies- these pieces are the perfect staples for your closet before the weather gets too cold!

attachmenot_skirt3_large blackcrochet2_large blue5_18b203a2-9b7f-445b-9286-25d54d08c3d0_large bowskirt1_large creamfloral6_large damask2_large englishrose3_large fire9_large floralmini1_large forgetmenot8_large greenleopardmaxi1_large OTSdress_junglefever1_large OTSdress11_large purpleskirt2_large spring2_large swimmaxi6_large thelaceeffect8_large tropicalparadise1_large whiteleopard2_large

Thanks for reading!!


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