Labor Day Sales + Summer Outfits Review

Hello, “Lilacs&Lace” readers! I hope you all are having an awesome Labor Day! I had a good weekend, spent with family, but now I’m back to the dorms and ready to start classes again. Since it is Labor Day, a day known for not only a day off of work and school, but also for its sales, I decided to feature some sales going on in my favorite stores/brands!

Nordstrom’s Labor Day Sale: 40% off of styles (men’s, women’s and children’s)

Β _10158811_10293955_10469813_10495251_10532101_10601638_10665912_10675984_10715361_10781654_10791430_10861996

Buckle’s Online Only Sale: up to 75% off

11335DJ19394W_RMU_th_v1_m56577569835936761 17085DT71180_PCH_th_v1_m56577569835975093 19465J903BSOLB_IND_th_v1_m56577569835965550 55460BTQT768_BKG_th_v1_m56577569835933790 73910L7885_DCS_th_v1_m56577569835970763 81196GB3I86630_GIT_th_v1_m56577569836002564 81815CATHY20_ORG_th_v1_m56577569835937897 86833F433P769_QUE_th_v1_m56577569835975132 87438TIFFANY_BLK_th_v1_m56577569835955781 95740WT152172B_ASK_th_v1_m56577569835985334 7508265828CTRM_GCR_th_v1_m56577569835937904 1093041287_SLV_th_v1_m56577569836070992

JCPenney’s Labor Day Sale: varying percents off based on how much you spend and clearance!

DP0122201523480474M DP0429201517022775M DP0511201517011146M DP0514201517032884M DP0608201517032614M DP0703201517023736M DP0710201517030593M DP0710201517030649M DP0730201517025036M DP0813201517024176M DP0821201517011810M DP1029201417075315M

Also, to help say goodbye to summer, I decided to do a quick look back at this summer’s outfits here on “Lilacs&Lace”!

image2 image3-2 image3-12 image3 img_0514 img_0531-1 img_1399img_1955-1img_5228 img_05262

I can’t wait to see what fall has in store for “Lilacs&Lace”! All I know is, it will come with more adorable outfits!

Thanks for reading!


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