{Late} Wednesday Wants: Featuring Maurice’s

Happy second day of fall, everyone! The weather is already starting to cool down, so it means that I need to change out my bright hues and short sleeves for more softer tones and thicker fabric. For this week’s post, I’ve decided to share one of my favorite stores: Maurice’s.


Maurice’s features both plus and average sizes, so it’s guaranteed to have a great variety of clothes for people of all shapes and sizes!

They’re currently selling some of this year’s fall staples, so hurry on over to Maurice’s to stock up!

P.S. sorry this post is late- this week has been hectic with sorority, classes, and studying!

pMAUR1-20518945venh pMAUR1-20874319venh  pMAUR1-20993316_alternate3_v275 pMAUR1-21078330venh  pMAUR1-21078332venh pMAUR1-21078415venh pMAUR1-21186122venh   pMAUR1-21216435v275 pMAUR1-21217097venh pMAUR1-21250054venh pMAUR1-21368027venh pMAUR1-21427850v275 pMAUR1-21472963venh pMAUR1-21514097venh pMAUR1-21514279venh  pMAUR1-21551055venh pMAUR1-21621049venh pMAUR1-21705388v275

Thanks for reading!


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