Wednesday Wants: Featuring Frock and Frill

In case you didn’t know, I’ve always been attracted to the 1920’s. Something about that era that always drew me to it, aside from the attitude and carefree nature of society, was the fashion. Frills, sequins, and pastel colors were the norm back then. You would see flapper girls sporting them everywhere you turned. Nowadays, those trends in clothing are coming back, which makes me so happy! For me, it’s the perfect excuse to shop at Frock and Frill!


A brand focused on mixing vintage looks with modern embellishments, Frock and Frill is the ideal place for girls like me, who wish to add a vintage feel to any occasion.

Not only that, but they hand craft and sew each dress! Despite it being located in the UK, I doubt I will stop looking on their website any time soon!

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Thanks for reading!!


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