Hello readers! Today, I turn the age of 20. In fact, at exactly 5:20 pm today, I was considered one year older and one year closer to the big “21”. Since I’m not really one to have a huge birthday celebration (I’m humble), and since there’s not much to do in Winona during the week, I decided to do my “celebration” this past weekend with my best friend, and photographer of the blog, Mackenzie. Mackenzie and I are like the same person, so of course I knew that she would enjoy the plans I made for us. So, here is what we did this past Saturday…


First, I planned on a stop at the historic “Pickwick Mill”.

Since Mackenzie and I are huge history buffs, I knew this was the perfect place to go when I first saw it online. Pickwick Mill was built using local limestone in 1856 by Thomas Grant and Wilson Davis. It is one of the oldest water-powered mills in Minnesota, consists of six floors, and was first used as a saw mill before being changed to a flour mill. It has changed owners many times and now is under ownership of the Pickwick Mill Inc. (To learn more, visit their website!)  For my first outfit, I decided to go with a classic trend of a military vest (which I’m obsessed with already) and paired it with some jeans and some adorable combat boots.

IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0634 IMG_0635 IMG_0636 IMG_0637 IMG_0638 IMG_0639 IMG_0640 IMG_0641 IMG_0642 IMG_0643 IMG_0644 IMG_0645 IMG_0646

The mill was beautiful, and I just had to snap some shots near the water outside!

Next, we headed to Alma to visit the “Castlerock Museum“. The museum features a lot of cool artifacts, such as real Roman helmets and swords, Vikings swords, some Pikemen, chain mail armor, fluted Maximilian armor from 1520, and one of Henry VIII’s gun shields, which all of course greatly excited the both of us! Though I didn’t get pictures of myself in the museum (aside from the two below- there was no flash photography allowed), if you followed me on Snapchat, you could see many snaps I took of the various exhibits!

IMG_7462 IMG_7463

I even got to try on a gauntlet from around 1500 and hold a mace, which were used by monarchs throughout history to convey authority and power! It was amazing.

(We took these pictures below just blocks from the museum, at the Lock & Dam in Alma.)

IMG_0647 IMG_0648 IMG_0649 IMG_0650 IMG_0651 IMG_0652 IMG_0653 IMG_0654 IMG_0655 IMG_0656 IMG_0657 IMG_0660

The last stop I had for the day was to one of my favorite places to be in the fall: an apple orchard. I love being able to go to orchards where I can pick my favorite apples (honeycrisp), and also enjoy other foods, such as salsa. Every year, I buy corn salsa and apples, and this year was no exception. So, after a quick outfit change, we headed over to  “Ecker’s Apple Farm“.

IMG_0662 IMG_0663 IMG_0664 IMG_0665 IMG_0666 IMG_0667 IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0670

For my last outfit, I decided to go with one of the recent fashion trends: the sweater with a scarf overlay, with a belt keeping the scarf in place. It adds a little flare to the outfit, which I love.

After that, and with cheese curds, apples, and salsa in hand, Mackenzie and I returned to Winona for some pizza at Godfather’s and well-needed relaxation time. It was a perfect birthday celebration and ending to my last teenage year. Here’s to many more!


Look 1:

Top: Wet Seal (old, similar here) // Vest: Nordstrom (bought it on sale, similar here) // Jeggings: Decree at JCPenney // Boots: JCPenney // Bracelet: gifted to me // Sunglasses: VS PINK // Earrings: gifted

Look 2:

Sweater:  JCPenney (similar here) // Scarf: JCPenney // Jeans: JCPenney // Belt: JCPenney // Boots: JCPenney // Boot Socks: JCPenney // Sunglasses: VS PINK // Headband: JCPenney

Thanks for reading!!


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