Hello, readers! I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families! I’m sorry for the back stock of outfits- I stock up a bit too much despite how much I plan on! I’m hoping that soon, I will be featuring winter clothes! Plus, there’s not much snow in EC anyway!


Anyway, for today’s post, I chose an outfit featuring my favorite vest that I got from StitchFix

For those of you who don’t know, StitchFix is a clothing company that, after filling out a quick personal style quiz, matches you with your own stylist! For only $20 a box, the stylist shops for clothes or shoes/accessories (within your budget), that they think would be great in your closet, and send them to you! After you try them on (for me, trying them on was the most fun), you choose what clothes you want! If you choose any article of clothing, you get $20 off your total for that item(s)- basically, you get the box for free! If you happen to love all of your clothes, you get 25% off your final total! If you don’t like any of your clothes, just put them in the return bag StitchFix provides in your box, and send them back for no charge! It’s perfect for any woman on the go!

When I saw this vest, I was immediately excited to try it on! I loved its stitching and buttons, along with its color (I told my stylist I wanted to get some clothes with the basic fall colors). Though I loved every single article of clothing in my box, I could only afford to choose one outfit and decided to splurge on the vest! Needless to say, I’m so glad that I did!




Vest: StitchFix (if you sign up now and say I referred you, I get a discount on my next box!) // Shirt: WetSeal (old, similar here) // Leggings: unknown (gifted) // Socks: unknown // Boots: JCPenney

Thanks for reading!! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!


**”Lilacs&Lace” is not affiliated with StitchFix, Inc.**

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