2016 Wedding Trends {a Collab with Paperless Post}

Hello, readers! Tonight, I am excited to bring to you my first collaboration on the blog! I was recently contacted by a worker for Paperless Post, a site that offers designed and personalized online and paper invitations for all occasions and celebrations that you may experience in life. I’ve always been obsessed with weddings (I love them so much, and even have some ideas in my mind for my possible future wedding!), so clearly I was and still am excited for this collaboration! It’s always fun for me to brainstorm with others and bring my ideas forward! With that being said, I will break down the trends I think we will see for the “big day” this year! 

  1. Nontraditional Wedding Themes


One thing that definitely was a trend last year and will be even more of a trend this year would be the idea of non-traditional wedding themes. With the amount of individualization and personalization that seems to be emphasized nowadays, I think we will see more couples stray from the traditional wedding theme (such as chic, rural, etc) and go to more fun themes that reflect on the couple’s personal interests. 

2. Wedding Cupcakes



Though most couples will have cake at their wedding still, I think we’ll see more and more of personal wedding treats for dessert, such as cupcakes and truffles, instead of the usual cake. The cake-cutting, however, I don’t see disappearing any time soon! 

3. Multicolored/Personal Bridesmaid Dresses


Though this has been a trend in previous years, I can only see the trend of having your bridesmaids pick different colored dresses exploding even more so in 2016! I think, as I said before, with the emphasis on personalization that now goes into weddings, it will help make the bridesmaids feel more unique (and eliminate some possible conflict about deciding on the same dress for all of the bridesmaids). Also, I foresee the trend of bridesmaids having dresses of the same color, but different styles of dresses (such as sleeveless, ruched, one sleeved, etc). 

4. Outdoor/Nontraditional Wedding Venues


2016 won’t be the first year of nontraditional wedding venues, and I predict that it won’t be the last. In 2016, I see couples straying from the traditional wedding reception venue (such as a church, mosque, etc), and going more for ceremonies and receptions taking place in a field, the beach, cabins, barns, country clubs, and chateaus. Also, instead of having the ceremony and reception in two separate places, I predict that in 2016, couples will go more for having everything take place in one location. 

5. Nontraditional Wedding Dresses


While big, beautiful, lace wedding dresses had been breathtaking and a staple to most weddings in the past years, I predict a change in wedding dress choices in 2016. I believe that less brides will go for the formerly preferred white gown, and instead make it more personal with a gown that is custom-made, have patterns on it, or even have dresses that are not even white.

6. More Than One Wedding Dress


Though this hasn’t happened at any of the wedding receptions I’ve attended, I have seen TLC’s “Four Weddings” enough to know that having a ceremony dress and a different dress for your reception is a thing. I see this happening more so in 2016. Wedding gowns can be burly, hard to move in, uncomfortable, and hot, so brides may instead opt for the bigger, more fancy dress for their ceremony, and another less flashy, more comfortable and shorter dress for their reception. 

7. Personalized Nontraditional Wedding Favors


Personalization is key in weddings. Instead of the traditional wedding favors of bells or glasses, I foresee wedding favors fitting more to the couple’s relationship, personalities, and interests. 

8. Glitz and Glam


Like many magazines/websites, I too predict that 2016 weddings will be more glitz, glam, and decadence than past years. For girly girls like me, what’s better than a wedding with sparkles, glitter, gems, and diamonds?!

9. Personalized Wedding Decorations 


Like everything in a wedding, I think decorations is a huge deal for couples. While personalized decorations isn’t exactly a new thing, I think couples will stray from the traditional decorations (balloons, signs, etc) to more unique decorations, such as pictures. 

10. Themed Invitations


Last but not least, invitations will be seeing a change in 2016. Instead of the usual square, typed invitations, I think couples will move to more elaborate, handwritten, themed wedding invitations

That wraps up my mood board of 2016 wedding trend predictions! I hope that you all enjoyed it, and also hope to one day collaborate again with Paperless Post and other companies/people to help not only network my blog, but also provide ideas and insights for other people and businesses! 

Thanks for reading!! 


P.S. Paperless Post has the cutest and most unique designs for things from wedding invitations, to holiday/thank you cards, to announcements. Check them out the next time you have an occasion that you need invites for! (Check out their wedding invitations and their save the dates!) 



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