Winter Florals

Hello my lovely readers! Only one more day until I am officially on my Spring Break! I plan on using my day off of class today to get some laundry and packing done, before shaking my stuff at Zumba with my bestie, and maybe even going out for some dinner.

For today’s post, I’m featuring an outfit that I’ll admit to having done a shoot for a few months ago. In every season, people have certain colors that come to mind whenever they think of them, such as pastels in spring.


For me, when I think of winter, I think of darker colors, such as navy blue and a blood orange. This shirt is clearly fitting for my hypothesized winter colors. 

I really love this shirt! The swoop neck and ruched top gives it a nice, feminine, flowy feel. Plus, how can you not obsess over its floral pattern?! I paired it with a nice big cardigan, some jeggings, and my trusted riding boots. 


When we were driving down UWEC’s trail, I noticed these walking steps on the side of the hill. What a perfect place to take pictures! 


Cardigan: JCPenney // Top: thrifted (cute options here and here) // Jeggings: JCPenney // Boots: JCPenney

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