Mix of Merlot

Hello, readers! Happy Friday! I’m happy to say that, while I’ve been sick for the past two ish days, I’m slowly recovering and returning to the land of the living (lol). For today’s post, I am featuring an outfit Mackenzie and I did a photoshoot for a couple of months ago. It features a pair of super comfy merlot-colored leggings, a white (almost shiny) lacy top, a black scarf, and a nice black cardigan. As a cherry on top of the outfit cake, I added some accessories and wore some red lipstick to add a bright pop to the outfit. 



Even though I can’t have daily photoshoots, I do love keeping a stock pile. Plus, given the flip-flopping weather of the Midwest right now, I think that this snowy photoshoot isn’t too unreasonable! 

I think these leggings along with the matching accessories add a little “mix of merlot” to the outfit, don’t you think? 


There were ducks on the pretty much frozen and snow-covered Half Moon Lake, which served as an awesome surprise to me! 



Cardigan: JCPenney // Shirt: thrifted (unknown, I might’ve gotten it at Savers) // Tank Top: Wet Seal // Leggings: Victoria’s Secret PINK (old, similar here) // Boots: gifted (from Maurice’s, unavailable- thanks mom!) // Pearls/Bangle set: gifted (thanks Katee!- cute option here) // Bracelet: gifted (thanks Rosie, I love and miss you! cute option here) // Ring: gifted (once again, from my late great-aunt Rosie! cute option here) // Clutch: Payless (old, similar here

Thanks for reading!!


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