Pattern Mixing

Hello, readers! In the past, my wardrobe has been very cut-and-dry, with no gray areas in terms of what I would or wouldn’t wear. I used to never ever considering wearing things that involved more than one print, or opposite colors; it just never seemed right to me. This year, however, one of the biggest trends has been pattern mixing. So, being the usual follower of trends, I decided to go out on a limb and try this trend, and I’m so glad I did! Whether it’s polka dots, geo prints, animal prints, stripes, or any other patterns you can think of, patter mixing can prove to be a fun and fashionable twist to any wardrobe.


For today’s post, I decided to mix florals with stripes.


When I at first put this outfit together, I thought the bright colors of the florals and the thin horizontal and vertical stripes would be a strange combo, but after trying to stay open minded and actually putting the outfit on, I knew I had struck gold. I suppose I am pretty good at this trend! To make this outfit all the more better, I paired it with my favorite new pair of floral pointy-toed heels! 



Top: JCPenney // Skirt: Shopko (unavailable, similar here) // Shoes: JCPenney // Purse: JCPenney // Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe 

Thanks for reading!!


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