Rock Fest 2016: Day 3

Saturday, July 16th was the third and final day of Rock Fest 2016, but I must say, it was a day full of memories.

Waking up on Saturday, myself and my group that I went with couldn’t wait to hit the road, but, we (my parents and I) had a special occasion to attend first: a wedding of a family friend!

Though I didn’t get many pictures of the wedding, and though we only stayed for the ceremony and dinner, I can say that it was most definitely a beautiful wedding, with an outdoor theme that really fit the bride and groom to a “T”. 


(Photo Courtesy: SMMG Photography) 

After congratulating the newlyweds (congrats again, John and Kristine!), and enjoying a delicious meal consisting of some chicken with a lemon sauce, herb-seasoned potatoes, and green beans, my dad and I hit the road for our last day of Rock Fest shenanigans! 


Since we didn’t leave the wedding until around 6, and still had to change out of our fancy clothes, we missed the first few bands, showing up at around 7:30, halfway through BFMV’s set, and immediately set about getting ourselves some drinks, while waiting for Five Finger Death Punch to start. 


FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)

FullSizeRender (4)

Like usual, FFDP had an amazing show, filled with a great light show, crowd interaction, and, as per tradition, a tribute to the U.S. troops and veterans. Though this is around the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen them, I can still say that FFDP doesn’t fail when it comes to giving a fantastic show. It was the perfect opener for Slipknot. 


Though they didn’t have any pyro, and since Corey Taylor (their singer) had a neck brace on from an accident that lead to him breaking his neck, and further needing surgery on it, I would say that it was still a second successful performance I’ve seen from Slipknot. With their performance ending, it not only signaled the end of the night, but it meant that Rock Fest 2016 had bittersweetly come to an end. But, though the time has come and passed, the memories of the best time of the year will always be with me! 

Thanks for reading!!




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