Pleather Lasercut Skirt

What’s your favorite clothing item? A pair of distressed jeans, a comfy sweater, or maybe even a cute little crop top? Everyone has their favorite clothes, clothes that they can’t get enough of. For me, that would be dresses and skirts.


It’s no lie that I love to frolic around in skirts and dresses, which is why today’s post should be no surprise. 


I myself love skirts with patterns and pretty little details, but up until this past spring, I never owned a laser-cut skirt. So, one day while at JCPenney, I decided to give this skirt a try! I’m glad I did! Its pleather fabric is very soft and comfy, and I think that the details cut into it were a very good addition to any outfit! Plus, the length and the way it poofs out on the bottom but is narrow on the top is very flattering, and gives an almost vintage feel to it. Who doesn’t love that?! 


Plus, how freaking cute is this shirt that I got from a thrift store?! I love the colors and the pattern, and it’s perfect for a lot of occasions! It’s ruched on the bottom, so it’s really good to tuck in! 



Jacket: Forever21 (unavailable, similar here) // Shirt: thrifted // Skirt: JCPenney (unavailable, similar here) // Sandals: Payless // Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (old) // Earrings: DEB (the store is closed, similar here

Thanks for reading!! 



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