A Colorful Palette

Hello readers! I’m back for another post! Before you all get into it, I know, radio silence sucks. I want to apologize, as I’ve been busy with work, school, sorority, and many personal issues that have pulled my attention away from the blog. But, not to fear! Mackenzie and I have continued on and have shot even more outfits, which we cannot wait to share with you! 


I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but I’m a huge fan of skirts, particularly skater skirts that have a lot of color. I noticed that, while it’s not officially fall yet, our summertime is almost over, which also means that my time to wear my summer wardrobe is also running out. With that in mind, I decided to introduce you all to this lovely skirt that has graced my wardrobe.


What made me love this skirt was that it had the most beautiful colors in it, including some light and dark blues, some pinks, and some hints of orange and peach! I think it added a well-needed touch of color and variety to my wardrobe, since you could use such a broad color palette and can transform and pair this skirt with many outfit choices. What do you think?! 













Shirt: thrifted (cute option here) // Jacket: gifted (cute option here) // Skirt: JCPenney // Sandals: Payless // Bracelets: DEB (old) // Earrings: gifted (cute options here) // Crown Ring: Walmart //  Chunky Ring: old // Necklace: thrifted // Purse: Plato’s Closet 

Thanks for reading! 




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