Hello, readers! For today, I have a very special post for you all. For me, and I’m sure for other bloggers, I love to have guests on my blog. It’s not only fun for me, but it gives you all a chance to meet people who are special to me and adds variety to my posts (after all, I don’t mind sharing the spotlight once in a while ;)). So, without further adieu…


Introducing, Dionysus! 

For me, pets and animal companions have been a huge part of my life from day one. I’ve always been surrounded by furry friends, from hamsters and gerbils, to cats and dogs. When I moved for college, I realized how much I missed the constant company and love that only a pet can provide. So, with that in mind along  with a diagnosis, I decided to get a bunny.


For me, my ESA shopping was short-lived. I was contacted by Di’s (formerly known as Chanel) former owner, and upon seeing the pictures of her, I knew that this bunny was the perfect companion I was looking for. I took her home the day I met her, and, given my want to be creative and along with my love of wine and mythology, Dionysus was her new name! 








Dress: Goodwill // Clutch: thrifted (old, cute option here) // Sandals: Payless // Necklace: unknown (old, cute option here) // Earrings: DEB (old, similar here) // Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe // Bracelet: Charlotte Russe (old, cute option here) // Belt: Goodwill 

Thanks for reading!!





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