Red Suede Dress

Hello, readers! So glad to finally be back making blog posts! It’s been a longggg winter here in Minnesota, but with it finally being May, the sun is out and the weather is warming up, and with that comes the blog posts once again! 


For today’s post, I decided to feature this cute little number that I scored at Macy’s, during their HUGE closing sale (I got it for about $9!)! It’s so fun of a dress, and I’m so glad that it caught my eye last-second before I had almost given up my search for anything to buy while there shopping with family. 

The thing I love so much about this dress (aside from its color- shoutout to me for unknowingly matching it with my dyed hair color!) is the fact that it is so versatile! I know I say that a lot on here, but in terms of this dress, it is definitely true! It’s made of suede, making it easy to wear in the spring and summer months, while also being able to be paired with some tights or leggings during the fall! Though some people may argue that wine isn’t a good color to wear during the spring/summer months, I’d have to disagree! This color is so wonderful that it looks good on anyone and everyone, and I can definitely see myself loving it year-round! 


Believe it or not, I took these pictures ALONE! If you didn’t already know, my photographer, Mackenzie, is all the way back in my hometown of Eau Claire, which is a solid 1 1/2 hours from where I’m going to college. To top that off, college and work schedules have gotten the best of us lately, so we haven’t been able to get together again to do some shoots. So, with camera in tow, I decided to explore the river side, and shoot some blog shoots myself. I’m not too shabby, if I do say so myself! 


I picked up this hairpiece from Walmart of all places! I know it’s not the most expensive, but even with that fact, I couldn’t help but buy it! It is so durable of a piece, and it makes me feel like a queen, right out of the middle ages! 


Now it’s your turn! What is your guys’ go-to color for year-round styling? What’s your favorite hangout place for the summer time? 


Dress: Macy’s (unavailable online, but some cute options can be found here and here! I’m wearing a medium for reference) // Hairpiece: Walmart (unavailable online, but similar options here, here, and here) // Sunglasses: Victoria’s Secret PINK (old) // Sandals: Goodwill // Clutch: Target 

Thanks for reading!!


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