Summer Florals and “Weddiquette”

With the turn of the seasons and the official start of summer upon us, comes the excitement of summer weddings. Weddings give you a chance to witness loved ones pledge their love for each other, sealing it with a vow and the beginning of their lives together. They are my absolute favorite, because who doesn’t love an occasion filled with love, fun, dancing, drinking, and good food?! Also, at least speaking for myself, I love any occasion that I can use as an excuse to dress up for, which includes weddings! The first thing that people always ask is, “what will I wear?” Well, for me, the dress featured in this post is the PERFECT wedding attire! 


For this wedding season, despite the spring months already coming and going, I find flowers fitting for such an occasion. In my opinion, flowers are appropriate no matter the time of year, and their symbolism of love and affection really fits when it comes to attending a wedding! Nothing beats a good pop of color, and do not let anyone else say otherwise! Weddings are supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to wear a fun, bold (but appropriate) dress! 


Aside from figuring out what to wear to a wedding, there are also some rules when it comes to attending a wedding. So, without further adieu, here are my wedding “do’s” and “dont’s”, with inspiration from Wedding Wire


While Wedding Wire covered the majority of tips for wedding guests, I do have some that I would like to give to my viewers. So, here we go!

  1. Do respect any possible attire dress codes made by the bride and groom (ex: semi-casual attire, wearing clothes to match the wedding’s theme, etc.) 
  2. Do not talk during the wedding ceremony- it is disrespectful to the newlyweds and the other guests. 
  3. Be sure to turn off your cell phone at the wedding ceremony, as it is disruptive if it goes off. 
  4. Congratulate the newlyweds on their new marriage!
  5. Do NOT do anything at all during the wedding that would take away the magic of the newlyweds’ day, or make the day about you. For example: proposing to your significant other. It may seem like a romantic setting to do so, but the wedding day is about the newlyweds, and the spotlight shouldn’t be taken from them. You yourself wouldn’t want to be in that position if you were in their shoes, and it’s astounding how often I hear stories about marriage proposals at weddings. 
  6.  If you are able to and choose to drink in celebration at the wedding reception, be sure to drink responsibly. It is a special occasion, but that means you should celebrate appropriately. The bride and/or groom should not have to be tasked with babysitting their guests on their special day!
  7. Do NOT complain about anything involving the wedding, such as the food, decorations, etc (especially in front of/to the newlyweds)- it is rude to be complaining about someone else’s wedding, as their tastes are oftentimes unique to yours, and that is going to be expressed in the wedding. 
  8. Do not wear white and/or ivory to a wedding! Even if the bride may not be wearing a white or an ivory dress, white and ivory are oftentimes associated with the bride, and they should be the colors reserved ONLY for the bride. 
  9. Stay out of the wedding photographer’s way! 
  10. If the newlyweds have something they wish for you to sign (ex: a guest book, etc), sign it! Even if it’s just your name, the newlyweds want it so that they can reflect upon their wedding day and remember those who were there to celebrate it with them! 
  11. Take the wedding favor with you! It’s a fun souvenir from an amazing day, and the newlyweds spent a lot of time and money on them!
  12. If the bride and groom come around to greet/talk to guests, don’t talk for too long! They probably have plenty of guests left to talk to, and very little time to do so. 
  13. Dress appropriately! (No really short dresses, deep cut dresses, etc!)
  14. Finally, have fun! 

So readers, what do you think? What are some of your wedding guest “do’s” and “don’ts”? 

Planning your own wedding? Go to Wedding Wire’s website to help plan your special day! They even include venue options, such as ones in Chicago and New York City, amongst others! 


Dress: old (cute option here) // Heels: JCPenney // Purse: Target // Umbrella: Shopko // Bracelet: Gifted // Choker: Walmart 

Thanks for reading!! 


P.S. Thank you to Wedding for allowing me to take inspiration from you guys! 


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