Faux Leather & Lace Skirt

Happy Friday, readers! I’m back with another blog post and this time, it features two of my favorite fabrics: lace and pleather (fake leather). Though I’m sure you knew about my lace obsession (it’s in my blog’s name for a reason!), I am not so sure if you knew that I also love myself some faux leather every once in a while! So, with that in mind, for today’s post, I decided to don a nice sleeveless crop top shirt, and a cute little faux leather skirt (with a beautiful lace hem). 


Though I caught myself on a lucky day where it was a bit cooler from the rain, this skirt is still perfect to wear on the warmer summer days, as long as it is not too thick and it fits the weather (i.e. not overdressing in faux leather leggings when it’s boiling hot outside).



What I love about this skirt, aside from the lace hem, is the overlay on the left thigh. It adds a little sexy twist to every outfit! A fact about me that none or a few of my readers really know is I do not like my hips and thighs, so finding a skirt or really any form of bottoms that look flattering on me is sometimes a challenge for me, but this skirt was really the perfect fit!


(PSA: yes, I had to resew my zipper on! The original one that was on the skirt when I bought it had broken, so I had to cut out the sewing thread and put in a new one! It was definitely hard, but I am overall happy with the result.)



Top: Goodwill (cute option here) // Skirt: JCPenney (cute option here) // Shoes: JCPenney  // Necklace: old // Hat: Walmart // Purse: JCPenney // Umbrella: Shopko

Thanks for reading!!



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