Think Pink (Part 1)

Despite being the typical girly-girl, one thing I really have noticed is that there’s one color (aside from green, yellow, and orange) that my wardrobe really lacks: pink. Maybe it was I was tired of seeing it so much growing up (my room was filled with pink toys, decorations, etc), but either way, it seemed to disappear from my closet, being instead replaced with black and other darker colors. With these past few hot summer months and the changing of trends, I have found a new appreciation for pink, and I’m slowly incorporating more of it into my wardrobe again. So, for today’s post (which is part one of two parts), I decided to feature a cute pink dress, which I actually got as a hand-me-down from one of my besties, Marie! 


I have to admit, I love this dress! From its halter top to its bright pink color, it is the perfect eye-catcher! Add some other pink accessories, and you’ve got the perfect monochrome pink outfit! 


This outfit was shot at the historic Pickwick Mill, which is a short drive from where I currently reside for my college years. I had been there before with my bestie/photographer, Mackenzie, for my 20th birthday (read the post here), and instantly loved it, due to the history nerd in me. I had ever since then been chomping at the bit to go back, and this blog post was the perfect excuse! 


Fun fact: I actually shot these pictures by myself (as I also did in my last four blog posts- this one, this one, this one, and this one)! I used my trusty tripod and my camera’s self-timer, and I must say, the pictures didn’t turn out that bad! 



Dress: gifted (cute option here) // Heels: JCPenney (old, cute options here, here, and here) // Purse: Target // Sunglasses: old (cute option here) // Hair clip: old (cute options here and here

Thanks for reading!!


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