LBD (“AHS: Coven” Style)

Hello, readers! It’s been a long time since I’ve been on the blog (I apologize- my life has been hectic with work and school lately), but I’m back now, AND I have a new blog post for you! img_1493.jpg

As I’m sure you all know, I am a huge fan of black. Black is such a good color that can complement any skin color, outfit, and body type. Though usually my outfit posts consist of pops of color and a lot of patterns, I like to throw in some black once in awhile. Not to mention, a fair amount of my wardrobe consists of black clothing! From coats, to shirts, to leggings, to dresses, I am sure you’ll find all kinds of black clothes in my closet. 

img_1494.jpgOne thing that I’ve never really owned before (at least not recently), was a black wrap dress. Once I spotted this dress on one of my latest thrift shopping runs, I KNEW I had to have it and feature it on the blog! It’s so flattering, and I love the cutouts on the sleeves! The dress itself is very airy, so it’s perfect for a warm fall day or even in the spring time! Though you could add colorful accessories to this outfit to bring more brightness to it, I decided to pay some homage to my love for black clothing by pairing it with *mostly* all black accessories! I must say, I definitely got some “American Horror Story: Coven” vibes with this outfit, but I’m definitely not complaining! 



Dress: Goodwill (similar here) // Heels: Target (old, cute option here, featured in this post and this post) // Hat: Walmart (featured in this post) // Clutch: Target (cute option here) // Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe (old, cute option here) // Bangles: (old, similar here) // Choker: (old, available in a set here) // Ring: old (cute options here

Thanks for reading!!



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