Kinstone Megalithic Garden

Hello, readers! Long time, no see! I know this happens a lot with me, but I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately! With my tripod having broken and a busy schedule with finals (which are FINALLY over- thank god!) and work, it has been hard for me to find time to do more blog photoshoots and whatnot. But, I’m back! For today’s post, I’m throwing it back all the way to homecoming weekend, 2017, which happened all the way back in October. Though there were many activities and the like on the itinerary I made (yes, I am an uber planner), the place my bestie and photographer, Kenzie, and I were most excited to visit was Kinstone Megalitic Garden




Tucked away in the hills of Fountain City, Wisconsin, this permaculture garden (that reminded me of the Stonehenge in the UK, a place I’ve always wanted to go to) was something I had learned about as a fluke. While doing some internet sleuthing for new places for Kenzie and I to visit, I stumbled across the website for it, and I instantly knew it had to be included in the plans for the weekend! From a stunning stone circle, to a labyrinth, to a chapel and more, Kinstone is sure to make you feel as if you have gone back in time to a more simple, almost prehistoric era. 


If you’re looking for new places to see around Winona and/or in Wisconsin, I would definitely recommend Kinstone! (PS please wear sensible shoes when visiting, as the terrain is not even and some of the structures are located down a hill from the others.) 


Dress: Goodwill (I know, most of my closet now is from thrift stores! cute option here) // Boots: Goodwill (cute option here) // Clutch: Target (cute option here) // Choker: old (available in a set here) // Bracelet: Charlotte Russe (old, similar option here)

Thanks for reading!!




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