Winter Style: Red Cardigan

In these winter months in Minnesota (or, rather, “Minnesnowta”), the landscape and everything really gets covered in a layer of fluffy, white snow. The coming of the snow and the winter weather for me (and probably many other fashion bloggers) means that I have to switch out my spring/summer clothes to more thick, layering clothing. But, no matter how much time has gone by, my love for vibrant colors and patterns has never left. The outfit I am featuring in this post is no different! 


I have to admit, this shirt is actually one of my favorites in my closet! It’s very comfy (it’s suede, so you stay warm), and the patterns on it are so gorgeous and eye-catching. Plus, both the colors and the pattern adds a little bit of excitement to any outfit, whether it be winter or not! 


For this outfit, I also knew that I wanted to pair it with some winter essentials that are warm, but still my style. This hat and mittens were perfect! 


Fun fact: if you look closely, you can see that my leggings are sparkly!



Top: Goodwill (originally from Maurice’s) // Cardigan: Goodwill (cute option here!) // Leggings: JCPenney (unavailable online, but there is a similar pair here!) // Boots: Goodwill (cute option here, I have the same pair in black!) // Purse: Goodwill (I know, I shop there a lot) // Hat: Charlotte Russe (unavailable online, similar option here) // Gloves: Charlotte Russe (also unavailable online)

Thanks for reading!!


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