Red Ruffles

With the transition into another season, comes the last few of my winter style posts! In case you guys haven’t already noticed, red is a consistent color theme for me, especially in the winter months. For me, red is the perfect color to help you pop out from your surroundings, plus it is one of the few colors that really any one can pull off, while also adding some sexiness to the outfit. Today’s blog post features one of my most recent additions to my closet, which has a little bit of a fun and feminine twist to it: some puffy, ruffled sleeves! 


I don’t know about you guys, but I have recently started to love some dramatic sleeves! This off-the-shoulder shirt instantly got my complete and undivided attention, due to its puffy, ruffled sleeves. 

Its sleeves seem to have an element of “royalty” to them just by looking at them, and after trying it on, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel like a queen in it! This shirt is sure to turn some heads at any occasion, and I could totally see myself twirling around in it! 


(Speaking of twirling in it 🙂 )



Shirt: Charlotte Russe (unavailable online, cute option here) // Leggings: JCPenney (unavailable online, similar here) // Boots: old (cute option here) // Gloves: Savers (similar here) // Purse: Victoria’s Secret (unavailable, similar option here

Thanks for reading!!



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