Red Midi Skirt

As promised, this is my last winter style post of the year! In my last blog post, I mentioned that red is a consistent color theme in my style posts, and with today’s post, the theme of red continues! This time, I took to styling my trusted gray puff ball hat and red cardigan with a beautiful red midi skirt! 


For this look, some other needed accessories I added were a matching red clutch, some adorable peep-toed booties, and my gray furry gloves.

It’s the perfect outfit that combines a classy element with a flirty, fun element. These gloves and the hat not only kept me looking great, but they also kept me nice and toasty warm! It made for one of my favorite outfits on the blog, one that I will definitely wear again! 


Fun fact: I had driven around for some time before choosing this location on a road that was pretty remote up in the bluffs. A couple drove by and stopped while I was in the process of doing this photoshoot, asking if I was having car troubles! I laughed and told them that I was a blogger and was doing a photoshoot, but the exchange made me giggle a bit.  


Hat: Charlotte Russe (unavailable online, also worn here) // Gloves: Charlotte Russe (unavailable online) // Shirt: Target // Skirt: Charlotte Russe (only available in pink, but it’s super cute!) // Choker: Target (available in a set!) // Booties: Payless (unavailable, similar option here) // Clutch: old (cute option here, also worn here) // Cardigan: Goodwill (also worn here, cute option here) // 

Thanks for reading!! 



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