Striped Wrap Dress

Hello again, readers! I again apologize for the lack of posts- it has been one hectic summer for me! Not only am I busy with job and house searching to help prepare for my son to arrive (my due date is November 4th), but I also have been trying to remain social and get things done before classes start again. Though many things have happened this summer and a lot of things have changed already in the short 8 months of this year, one thing for sure hasn’t: my love for dresses.


I wasn’t always a big fan of dresses (trust me when I tell you that I barely owned any aside for special occasions), but after my senior year of high school and even more recently, I have developed an extreme fondness for dresses. Dresses are so feminine in nature, and are all so different, perfect for uniquely expressing yourself. 


Even now, as I grow close to 7 months pregnant and my baby bump grows bigger as my son grows as well, I find myself wearing dresses on almost a daily basis, and seek to add new ones to my closet whenever I get the chance. For me, I like to express myself through color and patterns, so this dress from Forever 21 instantly screamed “Cassy” to me the moment I saw it! The stripes (which I can never see going out of style) and bright pops of color are just so eye-catching, and I love how flowy it is, giving my ever-growing bump enough breathing room. Plus I have been a sucker for wrap dresses lately! To me, wrap dresses are the perfect way to flaunt and embrace your body, whether it be curvy or thin- any body type can pull off a wrap dress! Even a pregnant one! 



Dress: Forever 21 (cute options here, here, and here) // Necklace: old (cute option here) // Clutch: Target (old, similar here

Thanks for reading!!


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