Summer Florals and “Weddiquette”

With the turn of the seasons and the official start of summer upon us, comes the excitement of summer weddings. Weddings give you a chance to witness loved ones pledge their love for each other, sealing it with a vow and the beginning of their lives together. They are my absolute favorite, because who doesn’t love an occasion filled with love, fun, dancing, drinking, and good food?! Also, at least speaking for myself, I love any occasion that I can use as an excuse to dress up for, which includes weddings! The first thing that people always ask is, “what will I wear?” Well, for me, the dress featured in this post is the PERFECT wedding attire! 


For this wedding season, despite the spring months already coming and going, I find flowers fitting for such an occasion. In my opinion, flowers are appropriate no matter the time of year, and their symbolism of love and affection really fits when it comes to attending a wedding! Nothing beats a good pop of color, and do not let anyone else say otherwise! Weddings are supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to wear a fun, bold (but appropriate) dress! 

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2016 Wedding Trends {a Collab with Paperless Post}

Hello, readers! Tonight, I am excited to bring to you my first collaboration on the blog! I was recently contacted by a worker for Paperless Post, a site that offers designed and personalized online and paper invitations for all occasions and celebrations that you may experience in life. I’ve always been obsessed with weddings (I love them so much, and even have some ideas in my mind for my possible future wedding!), so clearly I was and still am excited for this collaboration! It’s always fun for me to brainstorm with others and bring my ideas forward! With that being said, I will break down the trends I think we will see for the “big day” this year! 

  1. Nontraditional Wedding Themes


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