Striped Wrap Dress

Hello again, readers! I again apologize for the lack of posts- it has been one hectic summer for me! Not only am I busy with job and house searching to help prepare for my son to arrive (my due date is November 4th), but I also have been trying to remain social and get things done before classes start again. Though many things have happened this summer and a lot of things have changed already in the short 8 months of this year, one thing for sure hasn’t: my love for dresses.


I wasn’t always a big fan of dresses (trust me when I tell you that I barely owned any aside for special occasions), but after my senior year of high school and even more recently, I have developed an extreme fondness for dresses. Dresses are so feminine in nature, and are all so different, perfect for uniquely expressing yourself.  Continue reading

A Colorful Palette

Hello readers! I’m back for another post! Before you all get into it, I know, radio silence sucks. I want to apologize, as I’ve been busy with work, school, sorority, and many personal issues that have pulled my attention away from the blog. But, not to fear! Mackenzie and I have continued on and have shot even more outfits, which we cannot wait to share with you! 


I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but I’m a huge fan of skirts, particularly skater skirts that have a lot of color. I noticed that, while it’s not officially fall yet, our summertime is almost over, which also means that my time to wear my summer wardrobe is also running out. With that in mind, I decided to introduce you all to this lovely skirt that has graced my wardrobe.

Continue reading

Poncho {One look, two ways}

Hello, readers! I hope you all are having a great week! This week for me has been jammed packed with sorority events (it’s our rush week- the week where we recruit new girls who are interested in learning more about us and becoming sisters), workout classes (as often as I can), school, studying, and work. Though I love rush week, I really cannot wait for next week, so things can die down a bit and I can take more time to take a breath and relax. For today’s post, I’m sharing an outfit we shot for in early winter, along the Eau Claire River’s banks, on a running trail on UWEC’s lower campus.


I really love this poncho. It is so comfy and warm, and the pattern is perfect for this time of year especially! Continue reading

The New “Lilacs&Lace”!

Hey everyone, Cassy here! Due to technological difficulties, I have decided to re-launch Lilacs&Lace and move it to a new site. It was a hard transition, filled with a lot of frustrations, but now I think the blog is better than ever! Sorry for the switch, and watch out for new blog posts coming soon! Enjoy!