Meet The Editors

Cassandra Scanlan: Editor/Creator

Cassandra was bornIMG_1685 on October 6, 1995, in Battle Creek, Michigan. She currently goes to Winona State University in Winona, Minnesota, and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Along with going to college as a full-time student, she is also a part of WSU’s local sorority, Phi Theta Chi. She is currently working two jobs: the first is at HCO, a healthcare company that aims to create more independent lives for the developmentally and/or physically disabled members of the Winona community, and the second is at Fastenal, where she is a sorter in both the Fragile and Small Parts departments. She hopes to one day be a Neonatal Nurse in the affluent Mayo Clinic Health System Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota, and afterwards become a traveling nurse, where she wishes to live in Edinburgh, Scotland, for at least a year. Her love for fashion, though always evolving, has become a major part of her life, eventually spawning into “Lilacs&Lace” in March, 2015 after switching sites multiple times and blogging since February 2013. Through the blog, she hopes to encourage others to discover their own, unique style. Her former site was previously located on weebly.


Mackenzie Walters: Photographer/Editor

MackenziIMG_5198e Walters was born on November 27, 1995, in Portland, Oregon. Mackenzie and her family moved to Wisconsin during the summer before she entered the 7th grade in school. She attended school with Cassandra, and that is how they ultimately met. Being the only child, Mackenzie found her hobbies to be writing, learning about history, reading, hanging out with family/friends, rugby, and photography. She is currently working as a CA for UW-Eau Claire, where she is majoring in Public History and minoring in Anthropology. She hopes to one day work at the Mütter Museum, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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