Think Pink (Part 1)

Despite being the typical girly-girl, one thing I really have noticed is that there’s one color (aside from green, yellow, and orange) that my wardrobe really lacks: pink. Maybe it was I was tired of seeing it so much growing up (my room was filled with pink toys, decorations, etc), but either way, it seemed to disappear from my closet, being instead replaced with black and other darker colors. With these past few hot summer months and the changing of trends, I have found a new appreciation for pink, and I’m slowly incorporating more of it into my wardrobe again. So, for today’s post (which is part one of two parts), I decided to feature a cute pink dress, which I actually got as a hand-me-down from one of my besties, Marie! 

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Rock Fest 2016: Day 1

Hello, readers! Every year, at least for the past 4 years, I have accompanied my uncles, dad, brother, and friend, Mackenzie, to the best festival all year: Rock Fest. Rock Fest, which happens in July of every year in the small Wisconsin town of Cadott, brings together a very large group of rock fans (we consider each other a ‘family’), some from all parts of the U.S., for 3 days of amazing food, music, and memories. It’s no secret that I, a die hard rocker thanks to my father raising me on Rock N’ Roll music, love Rock Fest- I hold a countdown for it every year! I did, however, notice that, in all my years of going to Rock Fest, I had failed to ever document it and chronicle the festival on the blog. I wondered why hadn’t I chronicled my time at such an amazing festival and weekend, one that I call the best time of the year? After finding out that I really had no excuse not to document it, I decided that it would finally make it to the blog. So, let’s get to it!



Day one of Rock Fest 2016 was a pretty rainy one, if I remember correctly. When we were just pulling in to the festival grounds, although pretty late into the day already (the daily lineup started at around 11 that day, we didn’t get there until around 3:30) the rain started, and didn’t stop for hours. It did, however, make me feel better that I heard Nothing More and even saw a few of their songs during our rainy walk. Continue reading

Winter Workout (part 3): Spotted

What a busy week it has already been for me! My sorority had our annual “Buy-A-Date With a Phi Thet” last night! At the event, us sisters who sign up are auctioned for any buyer to win two hours with the sister(s) being bought, during which the sisters and them can do anything, such as hang out, Netflix, clean, anything as long as it’s legal. We ended up raising $550 for the Pinky Swear Foundation! Needless to say, I’m so proud of my sisters! I also have classes and work left this week, before returning home for the weekend to see my family. 


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Winter Workout (Part 2): Galaxy

Hello, “Lilacs&Lace” readers and followers! I hope so far, your week is going great! Just remember, tomorrow is FRIDAY! I know for me, I have a busy weekend ahead of me with classes tomorrow, work on Saturday, and sorority stuff on Sunday, but that’s alright with me. Why, you may ask? Because I’m planning a special Valentine’s blog post with my photographer, Mackenzie! Though we don’t have all the details ironed out, but I promise, it will be awesome! 


Moving on, for today’s post, I’m featuring the second outfit (out of three) of my “Winter Workout” series! It features one of my favorite shirts (with a built-in sports bra!) and some awesome galaxy pants! After all, who doesn’t love some awesome patterns in their workout wardrobe to help get them hyped up for a workout?! 

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Winter Workout (Part 1): The Blues

Hello, readers! For me, health is one of the most important things in my life. Being a college student, it can be hard to make it to the gym, especially with my busy schedule and the cold weather. But, with some great workout clothes, I must say, it makes it much easier to get some exercise in while flaunting them. 


Mackenzie wanted me to do a workout series, so for today’s post, the first part of a three part series featuring some of my favorite exercise outfits, I decided to do an all blue theme. After all, blue is my favorite color! 

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Leopard Love {Part 2}

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are having wonderful weekend thus far! For me, my month-long winter break  was very well-needed for me, filled with family, friends, and celebrations. Unfortunately, it’s coming to an end, as I’m starting class again on Monday!


For today’s post, I’m featuring my second-part and outfit featuring my favorite leopard print leggings!

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