Pink Diamonds

Hello, readers! It’s Friday-yay! I hope everyone’s week went well, and I’m happy to say that it is officially the start of my month-long Winter Break! As I’ve probably explained before, I’m not like other fashion bloggers, with a SO or photographer who lives with/near them and is in contact with them for daily photoshoots. In fact, my friend who does my photography/editing for my blog lives in Eau Claire (my hometown) and goes to UWEC while I’m here in Winona, attending WSU. So, with the hour and a half distance between us on top of school and work schedules, it is obvious to say that we cannot unfortunately meet up every day to do daily outfit shoots. Whenever I’m home, we get together at least for a day and shoot a series of outfits to kind of “stock up” for the coming weeks where I won’t be returning home. I try to space posts out so that I don’t daily post something and run out of the outfits quickly within a week, so that’s why I don’t post daily and am a bit behind on posts. It should be better this summer, since I’m moving back home for financial and personal reasons! So, if you ever wonder why it’s in the middle of winter, let’s say, and my posts are of fall outfits with no snow in sight, that’s why. In a way, I kind of like it this way, because it sets me apart from other fashion bloggers… Anyway, on to the post!


For this outfit, I paired a shirt I had gifted to me by one of my sorority sisters (thanks again!) with a pair of newer, super comfy high-waisted jeggings I have.  Continue reading