“PBSEN” outtakes

Outtakes. Every blog post has them. Yes, no matter what, every blog photo shoot has their pictures, where the blogger is laughing, making a weird face, or whatever that they cut out from the original post.

But, since I just love outtakes so much, here’s the outtakes for “Pastels, Bolds, Spice, and Everything Nice”! Continue reading

Pastels, Bolds, Spice, and Everything Nice!

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience while I figured things out with “Lilacs&Lace”! There were a lot of difficulties with my last url, so ultimately, I decided to change it up and switch my blog site to WordPress! I have to say, I like it a lot better!

Speaking of liking it a lot better, how awesome was the weather last week?! It was perfect, sunny, and (almost) the temperature that I love! Anyway, moving on, I’ve been on the hunt for pastels ever since the beginning of winter, and I finally found the perfect jeans! Continue reading