Rock Fest 2016: Day 1

Hello, readers! Every year, at least for the past 4 years, I have accompanied my uncles, dad, brother, and friend, Mackenzie, to the best festival all year: Rock Fest. Rock Fest, which happens in July of every year in the small Wisconsin town of Cadott, brings together a very large group of rock fans (we consider each other a ‘family’), some from all parts of the U.S., for 3 days of amazing food, music, and memories. It’s no secret that I, a die hard rocker thanks to my father raising me on Rock N’ Roll music, love Rock Fest- I hold a countdown for it every year! I did, however, notice that, in all my years of going to Rock Fest, I had failed to ever document it and chronicle the festival on the blog. I wondered why hadn’t I chronicled my time at such an amazing festival and weekend, one that I call the best time of the year? After finding out that I really had no excuse not to document it, I decided that it would finally make it to the blog. So, let’s get to it!



Day one of Rock Fest 2016 was a pretty rainy one, if I remember correctly. When we were just pulling in to the festival grounds, although pretty late into the day already (the daily lineup started at around 11 that day, we didn’t get there until around 3:30) the rain started, and didn’t stop for hours. It did, however, make me feel better that I heard Nothing More and even saw a few of their songs during our rainy walk. Continue reading