Lilacs&Lace turns 1!

Hello, Lilacs&Lace readers and followers! March is always a special month for me every year, not just because of my brother’s, dad’s, and grandma’s birthdays, but because it marks another year that the blog has been around, and it continues to grow! Though technically my 2-year blogiversary was March 2nd, and Lilacs&Lace’s anniversary was March 16 (though it started out with a different name, and I changed it to Lilacs&Lace in June 2014), I still would like to post celebrating those two milestones in my life!


Since this post is very special to me, I’m featuring one of my favorite new special occasion outfits. 
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Hello readers! Today, I turn the age of 20. In fact, at exactly 5:20 pm today, I was considered one year older and one year closer to the big “21”. Since I’m not really one to have a huge birthday celebration (I’m humble), and since there’s not much to do in Winona during the week, I decided to do my “celebration” this past weekend with my best friend, and photographer of the blog, Mackenzie. Mackenzie and I are like the same person, so of course I knew that she would enjoy the plans I made for us. So, here is what we did this past Saturday…


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