Batter Up

Hello, “Lilacs&Lace” readers! For today’s post, I decided to feature an outfit inspired by one of the sports I’ve grown up watching (and even playing) baseball! For years, when I was younger, my family’s summers were filled with baseball. After so many days spent at the diamond, I slightly grew a bit frustrated with my situation. I hated having to spend my summers with my family, when all I wanted to do was stay home or be with friends. I ended up disliking baseball because of it- until I went to a Milwaukee Brewers game a few summers ago! My family has always been Brewers fans, and I spent many days watching games with them on the tv, and though I didn’t like watching the games at first, it all changed when I saw it in person after not going to games for years. The game reminded me of how fun it is to watch, how selfish I had been for wanting my summers to myself, and I found myself having a newfound connection to the sport that I used to play and enjoy.


With that in mind, I decided to head on over to the baseball field located right next to my former middle school to take some pics!

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