Neon Tribal

Hello “Lilacs&Lace” readers! For the sake of moving into the fall season, I will be posting more frequently this week so that all of my summer outfits are featured without it being the middle of fall! I tend to stock pile posts, so that I’m prepared, but this past summer, I seemed to space my outfit posts out a little too far, so that is why it is October and I’m still posting my last few summer posts! I promise soon I will be done with my summer outfit posts, and you’ll get to see my fabulous fall outfits!


For today’s post, I decided to feature an outfit with a crop top that I just had to buy when I saw it in the store. Continue reading

The Date Part II w/ VS PINK

Today, I’m sharing the second part of my two-part feature of my favorite bra, the push up from Victoria’s Secret PINK’s “The Date” Collection. As I mentioned earlier, I love this bra because of the sexy back and the vibrant colors. Plus, I’m a sucker for lace.

image2 (4)

So, with that being said, I returned to Putnam Trail in Eau Claire to shoot the second outfit incorporating this bra! Continue reading

Smart Exercise

As a person who works out 3-5 times a week (depending on my work and class schedules), and someone who suffers from IBS, I know how important exercise can be, both for my physical and mental health. Exercise is a way to keep your body and spirit healthy, the best that it could be. Exercise is also a good stress reliever, so I try to have fun with it by going to fitness classes offered her on campus, such as Butt n Gut, Zumba, and Yoga. It’s a good way to add a healthy variety to your workouts (studies show it’s better that way), and to actually enjoy working out with a great group of girls.


One very important part of exercise for women is a sports bra. Continue reading

Wednesday Wants: Featuring Lulu’s

For this week’s “Wednesday Wants”, I chose an online shopping boutique that I have fallen in love with, and have even signed up for a giveaway through them (wish me luck)! Lulu’s is the place you should go if you are looking for pieces that are from new designers, or even cheaper prices on already well-known ones.


Plus, they have amazing sales- they have a sale that’s up to 80% off right now! They feature a wide range of products- from dresses and rompers, to handbags, beauty products, and shoes!

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Role Reversal: Behind-the-Camera w/ Mackenzie

Hello Lilacs&Lace readers! I hope all of your Mondays are going wonderfully! Today, I’m doing a very special post- I’m switching roles with my photographer, Mackenzie, and featuring her! Being the photographer, Mackenzie barely gets any attention whatsoever, and I thought that it would be fun to get behind the camera for once. I have to admit, it was fun! Catch my interview and photoshoot with her below!

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