Summer Blooms

Happy Tuesday, readers! I hope all of your weeks have been good so far. My week has been filled with work, but thankfully I get to end this week (hopefully) going to Steamboat Days, which is this carnival/festival that happens here annually in Winona.


For me, one of the best things about summer (aside from the beach, sun, and break from school) is the beautiful flowers that seem to bloom every year. No matter where I turn, I see color from the most beautiful of flowers. S0, with that in mind, I decided to feature one of my favorite special occasion outfits that features none other than a beautiful floral pattern.
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Pattern Mixing

Hello, readers! In the past, my wardrobe has been very cut-and-dry, with no gray areas in terms of what I would or wouldn’t wear. I used to never ever considering wearing things that involved more than one print, or opposite colors; it just never seemed right to me. This year, however, one of the biggest trends has been pattern mixing. So, being the usual follower of trends, I decided to go out on a limb and try this trend, and I’m so glad I did! Whether it’s polka dots, geo prints, animal prints, stripes, or any other patterns you can think of, patter mixing can prove to be a fun and fashionable twist to any wardrobe.


For today’s post, I decided to mix florals with stripes.

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Winter Florals

Hello my lovely readers! Only one more day until I am officially on my Spring Break! I plan on using my day off of class today to get some laundry and packing done, before shaking my stuff at Zumba with my bestie, and maybe even going out for some dinner.

For today’s post, I’m featuring an outfit that I’ll admit to having done a shoot for a few months ago. In every season, people have certain colors that come to mind whenever they think of them, such as pastels in spring.


For me, when I think of winter, I think of darker colors, such as navy blue and a blood orange. This shirt is clearly fitting for my hypothesized winter colors. 
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Summer Roses

When I first saw this high-waisted halter swimsuit in floral print on Choie’s, I knew that I had to buy it. Within moments of seeing it, I had it in my cart, ready to check out. Why, you might ask? Three words: high waisted floral. I am a sucker for both of these things. I love the idea of anything really high-waisted because not only is it a sexy vintage trend that is so timeless that it keeps coming back into style, but it is also very flattering for many body types, even the curvier ones. I also love florals (as I’ve already explained in past posts) because they are so bright, girly, and fun. I chose navy just because I love the elegance that navy brings to any outfit. I decided to shoot at Big Falls because, well, it’s just gorgeous there. I think we spent more time gawking at how gorgeous the falls were, than actually doing the fashion shoot itself.


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