Neon Tribal

Hello “Lilacs&Lace” readers! For the sake of moving into the fall season, I will be posting more frequently this week so that all of my summer outfits are featured without it being the middle of fall! I tend to stock pile posts, so that I’m prepared, but this past summer, I seemed to space my outfit posts out a little too far, so that is why it is October and I’m still posting my last few summer posts! I promise soon I will be done with my summer outfit posts, and you’ll get to see my fabulous fall outfits!


For today’s post, I decided to feature an outfit with a crop top that I just had to buy when I saw it in the store. Continue reading

Summer Roses

When I first saw this high-waisted halter swimsuit in floral print on Choie’s, I knew that I had to buy it. Within moments of seeing it, I had it in my cart, ready to check out. Why, you might ask? Three words: high waisted floral. I am a sucker for both of these things. I love the idea of anything really high-waisted because not only is it a sexy vintage trend that is so timeless that it keeps coming back into style, but it is also very flattering for many body types, even the curvier ones. I also love florals (as I’ve already explained in past posts) because they are so bright, girly, and fun. I chose navy just because I love the elegance that navy brings to any outfit. I decided to shoot at Big Falls because, well, it’s just gorgeous there. I think we spent more time gawking at how gorgeous the falls were, than actually doing the fashion shoot itself.


*deep breath* So, as I’ve mentioned before to you all, this is one of the toughest posts I’ve had to do thus far on “Lilacs&Lace”. The reason why it is is because of my body image issues. Continue reading

Casual, Clasped Peplum

I’m usually a casual person when it comes to style (trust me, some of the outfits on here would be ones I would only wear if I was trying hard to look good), so I wanted to show more casual outfits, especially ones I wear in the summertime when the weather is hot. Along with shorts, and lace (obviously), I love peplum. To me, peplum adds a cute little dressy, almost vintage flare that both covers up some curves that I might be insecure about, but also makes me feel sexy at the same time by being lace and showing a bit of skin.

image5 (1)

Aside from the fact that this shirt was peplum, what also majorly attracted me to it was the fact that it has clasps. The clasps not only allow me the choice of how I’d like to style my shirt, but they also add a unique feel to the outfit. Continue reading

Blue Floral Crop + Summer Style Linkup

Today, I’m sharing with you one of my casual looks for summer. I love crop tops, they’re literally probably one of my favorite pieces of clothing in my closet at this time. Though I only have a few (I think I have 4?), I plan on adding so many more of these babies in the months to come!


Not only are they super cute, but they add a little sexiness to any outfit, and they are very functional in these hot summer months! I love this particular crop top because it is both floral (love!) and it has cut outs (extra love!), so clearly, this top is completely up my alley. Continue reading