Pretty in Pink

Happy Monday, readers! It’s another start to a beautiful and sunny week here in Winona before we head into the pre-holiday weekend! For me, a staple during these hot summer months are maxi skirts. They are feminine, fun, and perfect to keep you cool while you look absolutely adorable in them. 


For today’s post, this pleated maxi skirt definitely had to be featured. Its lightweight, flowing, and soft fabric not only help me remain neutral with temperature, it is perfect for any occasion. When the wind catches it, it billows out and looks so beautiful, making me feel absolutely flawless in it. It’s perfect for twirling! Continue reading

Be My Valentine

Hey, readers! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all and your loved ones! I don’t know about you all, but I don’t have a valentine. I think I could get my cat to be my valentine, or maybe even my niece.


For today’s post, I am featuring one of my favorite new shirts! I love the lace of it and the color, it’s the perfect shirt for today! Plus, I paired it some adorable accessories, a carnation included! After all, it only fits with today’s theme!  Continue reading