Boho Dress

Happy humpday, readers! Today is the first of two days off I have per week from both of my jobs, which I’m very thankful for. Another thing I’m thankful for is today’s weather- rain and thunderstorms coming! I myself love thunderstorms; they’re so comforting to watch and listen to! It makes for a relaxing day off, where I planned on staying inside, enjoying some Netflix, reading, and later on, going to my first Zumba class of the summer! The third thing that makes for a great day off of work is one of my favorite hobbies: posting to the blog!


For today’s post, I decided to feature a boho dress that I purchased at a thrift store. Though some people swear off thrift stores, I love them! They’re the perfect place to find some really good pieces at amazing prices. Continue reading

Olive Joggers

Hello, readers! Today’s Thursday, which means we’re already nearing the end of another long work week (though for me, I still have to work today, tomorrow, and Saturday). I can’t believe another week of my summer has come and gone! Today not only sticks out to me because I’m almost done with my week, but it’s also the 480th Anniversary of the execution of Anne Boleyn, one of my favorite queens. It’s crazy to think that time is so quick like that, and the years just slip right by! But, with that in mind, why not take some time to share with you yet another outfit? 


When I first spotted and bought these super comfy olive green jogger pants, I knew that they needed to grace the blog! Continue reading

Business Casual

Happy Thursday night, everyone! Right now, I’m sitting in my super comfy nightgown (don’t judge) and eating a brownie (again, don’t judge) while writing this post. I know it’s late at night (at least to some of you), but to the Night Owl that I am, this is the time where I’m getting laundry done after a long day of work. I also just couldn’t wait to share this post, and since I promised that I’d post it today, here it is! 


As I’ve repeated and declared multiple times, I LOVE sequins- they’re just so fun and eye-catching for me. Continue reading


Hello, readers! Happy hump day! Well, it’s finally finals week for this girl. I’m glad that such a rollercoaster school year is finally coming to a close, and now I am (almost) officially a junior in college- time flies! 


Anyway, on to today’s post! I decided to feature an almost pleather-trimmed style jacket that I just adore. It’s sleeveless, so it’s perfect for the spring and summer months, but it is versatile enough to layer underneath it when it starts to get colder. Continue reading


Hello, readers! We’ve made it through another week, and that means only ONE MORE WEEK of school for me before we have finals and then, finally, summer! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. Though I will be basically working all summer, I have the privilege of moving in with two of my amazing sorority sisters, which will be a blast! On top of that, I get to go to Rockfest, Northern Invasion, and a Brewer game, all of which being family traditions in my family! 


For today’s post, I decided to feature one of my outfits I shot for in the cusp of early Spring, back in March.  Continue reading