Seeing Red

Hello, readers! Happy Monday! Today is an especially happy day for me for two reasons: 1) I start my new job (my second one) tonight, and 2) it is finally nice outside! I love the springtime, especially the well-needed Vitamin D that I’m about to receive this season and summer. I love the warm weather so much; I’m convinced that I was actually meant to live somewhere tropical, where the temperature never drops below 50 or 60 degrees. 

FullSizeRender (1)IMG_0232

For today’s post, I’m bidding a final “farewell” to Winter 2015-2016 and sharing with you my final two outfits I had photoshoots for a couple of months ago. Continue reading

Mint Condition

Hello, readers, and happy Tuesday! For me, it is a busy week, with Greek Week events every day this week, and then wrapping up this week with my favorite event: Greek Formal! I love being able to participate in some friendly competition with my fellow greeks, and then later come back together and celebrate this amazing greek community we have here at WSU!


For today’s post, I’m featuring some pants that you may remember from my very first outfit post here on WordPress! I love these minty green jeggings, they’re perfect for bringing some Spring-inspired and colorful elements to any outfit, no matter the season! Continue reading

Leopard Love {Part 1}

Happy 2016, readers! I can’t believe that in March, “Lilacs&Lace” will be 1 year old and it will be my 3-year blogging anniversary in February! Though I’ve made frequent changes in blog sites, I definitely think that “Lilacs&Lace” is here to stay!


For today’s post, I decided to feature some adorable leopard print leggings paired with a leopard print trimmed anorak that I recently purchased as the first part of a two-part series! I love leopard print (it is a frequent part of my closet and outfits), it is so feminine and beautiful.I think it adds a little fun element to any outfit, and it could be worn for nearly any occasion!  Continue reading

NYE Dresses + A 2015 Review

Happy New Years Eve, everyone! My year had a lot of ups and downs (more downs), filled with school, work, and sorority. But, with the New Year, comes new opportunities and a fresh start. Just remember that you need to keep fighting when you think things are going bad; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, you are not alone!

Moving on, for NYE this year, I decided to dress up like everyone else. Despite staying home for a quiet celebration with my parents, I still loved being able to get all glammed up and twirl around in the snow. Mackenzie had originally jumped in and chose the Rod and Gun Club for our shoot (mistakenly, she meant the Rod and Deer Park, which is different than the club), and we ended up going to the wrong place! With it starting to snow, we decided to just pull over and shoot right then and there!

Though it was very cold and windy, I think that the snow definitely added something to the pictures! I chose to feature three dresses instead of one, since I couldn’t choose!

Continue reading

Holiday Cheer

Hello, readers! I cannot believe 2016 is almost upon us- just about 30 more hours and we will be in a new year! With Christmas in the books, and me already planning to post tomorrow for NYE, I couldn’t let myself get away with not having posted a Christmas outfit post!


With that in mind, Mackenzie and I packed my car up and headed to Carson Park to shoot some pictures near the now nearly-frozen Half Moon Lake! Continue reading


Hello, readers! I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve with your families! I’m sorry for the back stock of outfits- I stock up a bit too much despite how much I plan on! I’m hoping that soon, I will be featuring winter clothes! Plus, there’s not much snow in EC anyway!


Anyway, for today’s post, I chose an outfit featuring my favorite vest that I got from StitchFixContinue reading